Why Rakchhya Travels INC

A Personal Service
By our own client and best route we can control the service delivery better than our smaller competitors and more importantly, we can manage the cost of that service. We bring that unique combination of size and personal service to our clients because we have the infrastructure, investment and turnover to compete with the multinationals very successfully, yet our independence enables us to deliver a focused personalised service to our highly valued customers.

Our Key Selling Points and latest technology for International booking differentiate us from our competitors and provide exceptional value for our customers.

We are approved by governments and fully insured
Rakchhya Travels INC is fully licensed by the USA government as Leading travel agency. We are a member of various organization recognized by USA government along with Passenger insurance.

Why Rakchhya Travel and Tours

We give our customers in person and provide them with detailed information about their Flying hour and Transit time. Once you arrive at your destination then our local agent will help to any kind of date changes or new tickets.

Qualified and experienced staff
We are experienced at what we do. We are in our 4 year of International Ticket and Tours have helped thousands of happy customers. All our staff members have traveled extensively and know what makes a good Experience of International Ticketing. Our team is made up of friendly people with different backgrounds for more then 10 years of experience of same International Ticketing expereices.

Opening Hours :

We open 7days week
9 am up to 6 PM ( Monday to Friday )
9 am up to 4 PM (  Saturday and Sunday)